How am I affected by other landowners in the project?

We work hard to make sure that no single landowner is affected by negative impact caused by the actions of any other landowner. For example, your land’s carbon value is calculated only based on your specific plots.

Additionally, Arbonics has a protection mechanism that functions as an insurance pool (and is separate from the Verra buffer), which is used to insulate other members of a grouped project from losses caused by a single landowner.

Arbonics Insurance Pool shall be established for each Afforestation project from Arbonics’ share of earned carbon credits, equal to 5% of the overall credits issued to Arbonics.

The Arbonics Insurance Pool shall be used to compensate the affected landowners whose entitlement to carbon credits is reduced for example due to: (i) carbon losses occurring to other landowner(s) in the Project for any reason; (ii) departure of other landowner(s) from the Project; or (iii) excess issuance being reversed. The Arbonics Insurance Pool shall not be used to compensate those landowners who have caused the situation. If you want to read more about how the insurance pool works in an example, you can read more under What if the project is damaged by fire or storm?

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